12 Tips and Tricks for FL Studio Beginners

This video is crucial for beginners learning their way around the amazing DAW FL Studio. The video touches on 12 subjects listed below.

  • Extra Large Mixer to improve mix accuracy and Visibility of VU/dB Meters
  • Effects Chain On the Left side of the Mixer
  • Presets for Instruments, Effects and Mixer Channels to speed up your workflow
  • Making unique samples and patterns so that you can experiment without any loss of ideas
  • Creating a Unique project folder to keep all your data safe and secure
  • They won’t get your vsts! that was just a little thing I said wrong, they will get the SETTINGS for your vsts
  • How to fix a broken / glitchy plugin
  • A better way to search the browser using F2 and F3 to find the best samples
  • How to create smart and organised groups on the channel rack to keep your projects super tidy and clean
  • EDISON shortcuts and workflow

Watch the 12 Tips for FL Studio beginners below