10 Quick FL Studio Tips

Here is another great video with 10 quick tips for the DAW FL Studio. This video covers the topics below.

  • Stereo waveform for audio tracks.
  • Quickly naming and colouring audio.
  • One click bounce to audio.
  • Quick Navigation
  • Easily moving effects.
  • Drag and drop copy effects.
  • Moving mixer inserts quickly.
  • Extra wide mixer view.
  • Browser search to next sample.
  • Save CPU by removing all unused audio files in one click.
  • Bonus Tip –┬áSave CPU by disabling all unused plugins in one click

Watch the 10 FL Studio quick tips video below

12 Tips and Tricks for FL Studio Beginners

This video is crucial for beginners learning their way around the amazing DAW FL Studio. The video touches on 12 subjects listed below.

  • Extra Large Mixer to improve mix accuracy and Visibility of VU/dB Meters
  • Effects Chain On the Left side of the Mixer
  • Presets for Instruments, Effects and Mixer Channels to speed up your workflow
  • Making unique samples and patterns so that you can experiment without any loss of ideas
  • Creating a Unique project folder to keep all your data safe and secure
  • They won’t get your vsts! that was just a little thing I said wrong, they will get the SETTINGS for your vsts
  • How to fix a broken / glitchy plugin
  • A better way to search the browser using F2 and F3 to find the best samples
  • How to create smart and organised groups on the channel rack to keep your projects super tidy and clean
  • EDISON shortcuts and workflow

Watch the 12 Tips for FL Studio beginners below